Propane Tips

Propane Tips

Are you a new owner in a propane powered home and only have previous experience using Natural Gas?

Here are some quick tips to help you avoid using an excess amount of gas unnecessarily to help you save money and to run your gas system efficiently & safely.

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Fallbrook Propane Gas Co. has provided propane service to residents and businesses in the San Diego area for 30 years.

We are a substantial local fuel storage, a modernized vehicle fleet, and we have well trained & experienced employees that enable us to provide our customers with a level of service and competitive pricing that our out of town competition simply cannot.

We very much look forward to serving you. At any point, please feel free to contact our office to speak to a technical expert who can readily address any of your questions re: your propane system.

Some Propane Tips

Upon move in, make sure to contact us directly to initiate your new account. Schedule your complimentary walk-through and system safety consultation and inspection.

If you have a natural gas dryer it is very important that it be converted by a certified appliance technician prior to it being used in your propane home.

Such a service can be scheduled with our service department if required.

Pool or Spa Heater

If there is a pool or spa heater on the system ensure that it is not on a timer or thermostat setting if that is not your intention. If these units are left to run inadvertently they can use quite a bit of fuel.

Re-Circulating Pump

If there is a re-circulating pump on your h2o heater(s) make sure that they are equipped with a timer. If you have re-circulating hot water on a pump our technician can further explain their application in further detail at the time of your walk-through.

Winter Season

If it is winter season and you are not yet in the home full time note the thermostat setting to ensure your central heating system is not being used without your intent.

Pay in Advance

With propane, you pay in advance, while natural gas is billed as it is used. Initially, this aspect of purchasing propane could seem cost prohibitive. Over time, however, you will find that typical household usage is what amounts to approximately 2-3 fill ups a year.

We are here to help you!

Again, please feel free to call our office & speak to a technical expert at any time if you have any concerns or questions re: propane usage, how to use your appliances efficiently, etc.

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